Break It Down is a 13 song compilation featuring material from Pantychrist's
hard to find earlier releases and some brand new tracks. With all previous
releases sold out or out of print, the band have reached into the vaults and put
together a cuntpilation featuring tracks from ShEPed (2004), Demolition
Dirty (2005), Never Love Anything (2005), Pantychrist (2007), plus rare and
usive material from 2010 and 2011. Deciding what to include was a
daunting task, but through the course of its 13 tracks, Break It Down reveals
Pantychrist to be anything but a one dimensional shock rock gimmick.
A mix of speedy punk blasts topped with metallic overtones and insanely
catchy vocal melodies are served up with a heaping dose of attitude.  All
songs were hand picked by Danyell and Break It Down is the perfect
introduction for those who are just dicovering Pantychrist and the wealth
of rare material also makes it an essential listen for the longtime fan.
band: Pantychrist
title: Break It Down
format: compact disc, digital
released: 2011
label: D.O.R. Records

track listing:
1. Bitch
2. Never Love Anything
3. Peepers
4. Carve My Name Into Your Chest
5. Suicide
6. Break It Down
7. Money
8. DNA
9. Clinically Insane
10. The Cunt Song
11. Psychopatho
12. You Can't Tell Me What To Do
13. Rock 'N' Roll

Other Pantychrist releases available:
Never Love Anything (2005)
Skirting With Disaster (2006)

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"A great compilation album, full of
hard core punk from the girls that
contains lots of angst and
aggression that will get you
pogoing along in appreciation. A
great starting point for anyone who
wants to see and hear what
Pantychrist have brought to the
Punk scene over the last few
years. Recommended listening."
-Black Phoenix Rising