BREAK IT DOWN: A Compilation
13 song cd featuring material from Pantychrist's hard to find
earlier releases and some brand new tracks. Issued in 2011,
'Break It Down' includes material from ShEPed (2004),
Demolition Dirty (2005), Never Love Anything (2005),
Pantychrist (2007), plus rare and exclusive tunes recorded in
2010 and 2011. Track listing is:  Bitch, Never Love Anything,
Peepers, Carve My Name Into Your Chest, Suicide, Break It
Down,  Money,  DNA,  Clinically Insane,  The Cunt Song,
Psychopatho,  You Can't Tell Me What To Do,  Rock 'N Roll
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Thirteen song cd released in 2005 on AMP Records.  The
track listing is Liar, Fatal Swirly, Rough Me Up, Carve My
Name Into Your Chest, Money, Never Love Anything, The Cunt
Song, Rock 'N' Roll, Say You're Beautiful, Concussed, Pink
House, Suicide, Freddy. This is SOLD OUT.  If you do happen
to see a copy, steal it.  For all the cyberpunx, you can
download Never Love Anything  by clicking -
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Documentary dvd interwoven with live footage. In 2004 a
film crew follows Pantychrist around to capture the world
you don't see on the stage. It is part of a series of segments
about women in the Canadian music scene that was
produced for television but never aired. The Pantychrist
segment has been augmented with a 12 song set captured
one cold winter night in Hamilton. This is the special edition
featuring bonus footage and exclusive audio only tracks.
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Jingle Hell
Bloody Bones
PANTYCHRIST 2007 out of print
Nine song cd recorded live off the floor at the rehearsal
studio and sold primarily at shows. It featured a mix of older
and newer material. The track listing was Rough Me Up,
More Than I Can Take, Liar, Bitch, Suicide, Suck It Up,
Clinically Insane, Never Love Anything, Concussed. Some
tracks are available for free download.

The first Pantychrist demo from 2004.  This is still sought
after and has been out of print almost since it was released.
The raw attack and energy on this cd made people take notice and the band still play some of the songs in the live set.  The track listing was: Carve My Name Into Your Chest, Rock N Roll, Rough Me Up, White Rabbit and  Freddy's Song.
ShEPeed has now been reissued with Demo-lition Dirty.
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ThE GiRLs NeXt DoOR  
Brand new 7" recorded November 2011 and soon to
be released by Suburban White Trash Records.   
Track listing is: Side 1: Bitch, Never Love Anything,
Leader Of The Damned
Side 2: Psychopatho, Dirty Girls, abeja reina
BoRn AGaiNsT 
Long awaited new Pantychrist album.  All the fury
and anger with more dynamics than previously hinted at. A blistering punk onslaught with metallic crunch.  
Contains Puckerpunch,
Dirty Girls, Come Out And Play,  No Gods No Masters, Devil Ride, Psychopatho, Shame Mask, I Spy, Blisters, Dumpster Dive Baby, Shove It, Waste Of Time, The Curse.
Some compilations featuring Pantychrist
Download the 'Assault & BATtery: A
Benefit For Bat World Sanctuary'
compilation from  It
features 45 bands and Pantychrist
contributed  the song "No Gods No
Masters" for the comp.