Pantychrist pictures at left by Ray D'Ashun

An update for all you PaNTyFiENdS!!  We are presently booking shows for 2017 and
will be releasing a new album this year.  There might also be some other releases
dropping as well.  Emma-O has rejoined Pantychrist and is looking forwards to
getting on the road and unleashing her guitar onslaught.  Also joining Pantychrist is
bassist Lexxi 'Savage' LaRoux.  She is filling in for the increasingly time strapped
Jen O'Cyde and has been kicking ass at rehearsals.  Emma Sunstrum is laying down
a severe pounding on the kit and -of course- Danyell is still screaming her head off.
A very big thank you as well to everyone who has been buying our stuff: cd's, shirts,
downloads, etc.  We really appreciate the support and can't wait for you to hear the
new material.  There is a lot of stuff coming up in the near future so check back
soon and keep an eye on our facebook page as well for more pics and updates.

The Pantychrist tune "No Gods No Masters" was originally released in 2014 on an
online compilation called 'Assault & BATtery'.  It was a benefit for the Bat
World Sanctuary and you can support their efforts and purchase the comp
through by clicking -here-.  "No Gods No Masters" was one
of the highest streamed tracks on the compilation and appeared on radio
and podcast year end Top 10 lists.  The song is now available through all major
download and streaming sites as a single.  The cover photo was captured during
Pantychrist's performance at the Toronto World Pride Festival by Alejandro Freeland.
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Pantychrist have locked down the 13 tracks that will comprise the new album.
From fast and pounding hardcore blasts to eerie rhythmic drones, every song has
it's own identity.  Some of the tunes such as Puckerpunch, Dirty Girls, Come Out
And Play, Shame Mask, I Spy and No Gods No Masters have been staples of the
bands live set in recent years and the actual album title has yet to be revealed.

"When a Jehovahs Witness stumbles into a Riot Grrrl meeting, beliefs are challenged
on both sides.  But with the Apocalypse just around the corner these teen
punk prophets must band together to save the world by making fanzines,
rocking out and navigating the beginning of love at the End of Days."  That
was the synopsis of a play written by Award Winning Playwright Louisa Hill
and produced by Will Play For Food Theater Group.  Riot Grrrl Saves The World held
its stage performance premiere in Hollywood in 2014 and featured music by Bikini
Kill, Slant 6, Excuse 17, Dickless and Pantychrist!!  There is a playlist on Soundcloud
of some of the songs used in the production.  We haven't found any footage online,
but the reviews were glowing.  Click -here- to listen to songs from the production.

For all the musical history/origins/timeline fanatics:  a new book has been published
entitled "Evenings & Weekends: Five Years In Hamilton Music 2006 - 2011".  Andrew
Baulcomb chronicles his experiences with the bands and people he encountered in
the local music scene.  Danyell was interviewed for the project and Pantychrist have
a four page feature in the book.  You can find more about it by clicking -here-.

Pantychrist issued a compilation cd entitled  Break It Down at the end of 2011.  It
contains 13 tracks with material ranging from the original first demo in
2004 to brand new recordings in 2011.  It has received glowing reviews
from Black Phoenix Rising and Punk News.  For more information and
ordering info click -here-

The Rise Of Pantychrist documentary appeared on YouTube in 2012. It was filmed
in 2007 and is a discussion with band members about the origins of Pantychrist,
their lives and the dynamics of playing in a female punk rock band. Additonal
commentary from Randy Rampage and others about Pantychrist and women in
the music scene.

Pantychrist had recorded 6 songs for Suburban White Trash records in 2011 for
ThE GiRLs NeXt DoOR 7" but that project has
been put on hold.  Two songs from the
sessions "Bitch" and "Psychopatho" appeared on 'Break It Down: A Cuntpilation'.
Danyell was featured in a collection of paintings created and displayed by Jennie
Philpott.  Read more about it -here-  A picture of the painting is at the right.  
You can visit Jennie at her site -here-

For those looking to buy an original cd version of Never Love Anything,  it has long
been sold out.  You can still find some copies online through
and it's worldwide sites.  Be warned that they are charging 'premium prices'
for new and used copies.  But if you have to get a physical copy that is our
suggestion.  For all the cyberpunx and the new digital generation, you can
download Never Love Anything from  Click the download icon.

Pantychrist hooked up with the Stranglehold Wrestling Federation back in 2007
for their Summer Shit Kickin' Show. Check out some pics and a review of that still
talked about night right -here-

"No Gods No Masters" available
now on all major download and
streaming sites. iTunes, Spotify...

Riot Grrrl Christmas compilation
courtesy  of  Cleopatra  Records.
Pantychrist have the lead off track
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Jen and Emma-O with Reagan
Youth's Tibbie X-Kamikaze

Danyell by Jennie Philpott

Danyell with Ian Decay