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The PoDunk Punk Show 09.03.13
Canada is where they come from kids.  Pantychrist out of Hamilton. Ontario, Canada.  Now rumour has it that they
snatch the uteruses out of young girls in the park, smoke 'em in crack pipes, get in estrogen fueled rages and write
their songs.  And if you try to stop 'em, they will rip their own uteruses out and beat you to death with them.  That's just
what I heard.  It's all alleged information. -  

Pantychrist Sneaky Dee's live review
Punk Moms from Hamilton belting out furious two minute odes to cunnilingus and barfighting! Cool! Lead singer Danyell
has the tonsils of a shrieking banshee, in fact I've never heard such a ferocious punk rawk shrieker in my 30 years of
living. Pity her poor kids if they forget to take out the trash... I liked Panty Christ aesthetically, their performance was
energetic and the girls are scruffy and cute - but admittedly, for me, this kind of old school punk wears out its welcome
quickly. Left as a 20 minute set, a PANTYCHRIST show would be an exercise in ear bleeding bliss, but stretched over
40 minutes...ummm, no. Still, fans of this kind of thing will no doubt diggit. -CA  From The

Pantychrist "Never Love Anything"
I just played with my dick for 21 minutes. I didnít even realize I was doing it, but when Never Love Anything was over I
found myself slightly aroused and trembling with fear. I mean, some back alley skank with bruises and chewed nails
could walk in here right now and seduce me with a bloody tampon and Iíd likely go for it. Iíd be puking later, sure, but
for a while there Iíd be caught up in the disgusting thrill of it all. Thatís how this record will leave you feeling. Never Love
Anything is a raw ní bleeding album full of snotty, speedy punk tracks about cunts and spit and fucking, an
acrimoniously filthy ode to everything worth carrying a disease. Now, I usually have a tough time swallowing this kind
of kill for thrills basement racket, but when thereís four brawling bitches at the helm blowing me whorecore kisses, I
tend to fall hard. And with saucy screamer DanYell tap-dancing her wiry frame all over my scarred torso like a female
Iggy with permanent PMS, Iíll pretty much swallow anything. Even a bloody tampon.

Pantychrist "Never Love Anything" 8 out of 10 rating
Iím listening to this CD and I had a goddamn revelation. I now understand anime and the reason why grown fuckin
adults want to dress like GEEK and GLEEK from their favorite cartoons. Donít get me wrong I donít want to be dressing
up like some furbee but Iím starting to understand all of this. In my perfect world PANTYCHRIST would be dressed as
potty mouthed superheroes and would be battling the corrupt bastards that make life hell. PANTYCHRIST would be
running with the downtrodden - the abused the drunks and the drugged fighting for a better, louder tomorrow. Besides
shooting rainbow coloured beer out their asses PANTYCHRIST would fight with an arsenal of profanity, fatal swirlies
and bloody tampons to fuck with unjust assholes everywhere. And they may just do that in real life. PANTYCHRIST had
one of the best record release parties I have ever been to. No admission charge so those that couldnít pay could still
have a good time - pints and pints of spilled beer, blood and public nudity all adds up to a damn good time. ďNever Love
NothingĒ is the bands first official release and the band has traded some of their speed for melody. Donít worry there is
still plenty of gritty hardcore and the wonderful gargle glass, foul mouthed vocals of DanYell. When I listen to this band I
think of Mystic HC, yes mid 80ís HC down and dirty fuckin hardcore.

Pantychrist: Punk
All-girl hamilton punk rock band Pantychrist met in a washroom. "I was out at a gig with Amy (Hell, bass) and we were
in the washroom talking about music or something," says drummer Patty Christ, "when these two young girls (Dan Yell
and Izabelle Steele) jumped out of a stall and started asking questions like 'You play music? What do you play?' And
from the moment Dan Yell opened her mouth I knew it was gonna be awesome."
Pantychrist deliver hardcore with a touch of the early 80s: snarling, angry-as-fuck vocals and crushing drums. They're
described as an all-grrrl Black Flag. Their self-titled demo plays beautifully with all the good old punk rock clichťs,
featuring songs with titles like Suicide and Carve My Name Into Your Chest and lyrics like "Fuck your fucking attitude!"
A mere few months after they met, Dan Yell walked into a practice sporting tattoos of all her bandmates' faces. We
were all like, 'Wow, that's commitment!' Mine actually looks a lot like me."
Another unique thing about the band is that they have five kids between them. Let's change the name to Diaper Christ.
"Amy has three and I have two," says Christ. "My kids know what I do and Amy's kids know what she does, but they
don't brag about it. One of mine is so square, though. She's rebelling against rebellion. It's great."
Other mommies aren't always nice.
"Another kindergarten mom said, 'I saw your picture in the paper,' and I was happy. I thought, 'Oh, I'm famous! I'm
famous!' But then she asked, 'Pantychrist? As a Christian, I find that very offensive.'
"So I said, 'As a human being, I find Christians very offensive. '"  from

The Tijuana Bibles w/ Pantychrist & Battlestar Review
Saturday April 17, 2004 The Underground, Hamilton
In what was a back-to-back showdown of frontwoman, Battlestar's affability was crushed by Pantychrist's onslaught
of hard-driven angry punk. Lead-screamer, Dan Yell, was a blustering fury tearing everyone and everything in her real
or imagined way a new asshole. While being very dramatic convulsing on stage or heaving the microphone against her
body, her theatrics leaned more towards therapeutic than entertaining. It will be interesting to see how Dan Yell
matures as a singer - the current chip on her shoulder does more to weigh her down than it does to empower her - as
otherwise she is quite a interesting figure when combined with the honest bone-crushing of drummer Patty. Until then,
don't fuck with Pantychrist.
Some of the more charming... er... unique reviews:
The following is an email interview done with Kevin from Another Planet Zine.  The interview took place on December 14, 2013  
at Pantychrist's secret mountain headquarters in Hamilton, Canada after rehearsal.  Discussions ensued and the answers
were recorded and transcribed.  The website hasn't been updated since then and by all accounts, the 'zine is now defunct.  So
here we present the exclusive Another Planet Interview.  Thanks again Kevin for the questions.

Q: Another Planet
A: Pantychrist

1/ OK, so lets start this by asking you - Introduce the Band, tell us your ages and what you do in the Band?
Emma-O: What? Age?!!
Danyell:: I'm Danyell, I'm 25 and I do diabolical screaming
Cari: I'm Cari Corpse and I am old enough to know and too young to resist.  I play the drums.
Emma-O: I'm Emma-O and I play guitar and I'm 19
Danyell: Hello golden shower tv, I am Danyell and we are Nirvana
All: laughter
Jen: I am Jen O'Cyde.  I play bass and I am 2.
All: laughter
Danyell: Change my answer, I don't want to be 25 I want to be 18.

2/ How did you get together to form Pantychrist?
Danyell: The original band formed in a washroom in 2003.  Me and our former guitar player Izabelle were living together in a
pink house and we went out to see The Vapids.  We went into the bathroom as a pair and met our rhythm section in the
bathroom.  We all got together and jammed at the drummers house and things just kind of progressed from there.  People
have come and gone since then and the new lineup kicks ass.
Cari: I joined Pantychrist in 2010. I'd seen them years before and it wan't really my type of music, because I was more into
metal at that point.  But I came to jam with the girls and came to fall in love with the songs.
Jen: I was contacted by Cari and she said that she's in an all female punk band and wasn't too sure what was going on with
their bass player at the time and they had some shows coming up and did I want to check it out and sent me three songs to
learn.  It was a whole lot of fun and I did the shows and I'm still here and I like being here.
Cari: We like her.  She's precious.
Emma-O: And I have been in the band for a year now.  The first jam was around this date too mid December.  Cari contacted
me in the summer previously and I had just left a band and I really needed a break so I told her that I would keep Pantychrist in
mind and I needed some time to take care of some other things.  And as the months went by and I listened to the songs I
wanted to do it more and more cause I thought "wow, there's really something here."
Cari: But I totally knew that she was gonna do it
Jen: Yeah, you (directed to Cari) kept saying that "she's gonna love us and she's gonna want to do it"

3/ When you formed the band, was it your intention to have an all girl line-up or is that just the way it turned out?
Danyell: Actually it was originally the intent to have an all girl lineup, yes. I don't like actually labeling the band an 'all-girl' band
now.  Back in the day I seemed to think it was like the best thing to have an all girl band because it was original.  But I don't like
when all female bands are labelled 'all female bands' because when you go to see a band full of guys it doesn't say on the
flyer 'all male bands playing' right?  So why is it such a gimmick that women play music.  It's awesome to play with four
women, these girls are like my sisters and I love them.  To me, male or female it doesn't really matter if you're good at what
you do and you can play music and you like music and are a good songwriter and you have stage presence and charisma and
have timing and if you're on the same page.
Emma-O: And you're nice.
Danyell: And if you're nice and fit the band.
Emma-O: I've played with mean people and it's not fun.
Danyell: Yeah, me too.
Emma-O: Every since I was little I wanted to play guitar and then when I started playing guitar in my teenage years I was
always like 'I wanna do an all girl band'.  I basically learned guitar by jamming along to L7 and I was like "fuck I want a band
like this".  Heavy, fast, melodic.  Playing with women is way more fun, relaxed, there's more communication, not so many
egos. I will say there's a plus to playing with your own sex.
Danyell: I think it's just playing with your own sex is easier.  I'm sure women have a hard time playing with women and men
have a hard time playing with women.
Emma-O: There's all kinds of shit, all kinds of dynamics like guys falling in love with you.  That's always a fucking thing.  I'm
here to play, I'm not here to get picked up.
Danyell: It does make things more complicated.
Jen: And what you were saying too (gesturing to Danyell) how your intention was to have all female initially, I thought the same
thing.  I've always grown up being in bands with all guys, it was frustrating at times you know, and it's challenging.  They look
at you at times like 'oh do you play like a girl?'  FUCK!!  It just pissed me off and things have come a long way since then.
Cari: No it hasn't.
Danyell: So that was the motivation for an all girl punk rock band.  To just be able to play with not having to worry about other
factors that may come in to cause problems.  It wasn't about it being a gimmick at all.  Maybe at first, but not now.
Jen: You just didn't want to deal with the sexism.
Danyell: Which is a catch 22 because no matter what we deal with sexism like we are right now with that fucking question.  
Why can't we just be a band?  Why is there always the question about why did you want to start an all girl band?  I don't
know... why did you start an all cock band?
All: laughing
Emma-O: Another thing is we always have pads and stuff
All: laughing
Danyell: And the tampon thing always gets brought up
Emma-O: I'm at practice and I'm like "I need a pad" and I'm with guys
Danyell: How cliche? A female girl punk rock band speaking about tampons and pads.  Is that what you wanted? WORLD?!!
Cari: Oh for fucks sake, I think she (looks towards Danyell) might be needing one now.
All: laughter

4/ Over the last 5/10 years there's been a massive upsurge in girl vocalled Bands, if not All girl Bands, why do you think this is?
Danyell: Cause girls rock.
Jen: People are realizing that 'oh fuck they have talent'.
Emma-O: And girls have more and more musical role models now so the more they see other females playing the more
they're gonna be inspired and say "I can do that too".
Danyell: Personally I like to watch women in bands more.  They're just more interesting.  I find that with women their stage
presence is more interesting, the clothes they wear, the make up they wear, their style is just more interesting.  Girls pump it
up more.  Guys wear a black tshirt and a pair of jeans and call themselves a band.
Emma-O: Unless you're the New York Dolls
Danyell: And those guys looked like girls.  So that's why girls are more interesting to watch.  They're more fun to look at.
Cari: Well girls are moving up in the world everywhere.
Danyell: We're taking over!!
Cari: It's been male dominated for so very long and the energy needs to balance out.

5/ You sound very late 70's/early 80's influenced, what Bands have inspired you?
Emma-O: I have so many influences.  Early punk for sure
Cari: I like the Ramones
Danyell: My influences when i first started the band was the grunge scene back in the 90's. Alice In Chains, Nirvana, which this
band doesn't sound anything like but these were my influences.  I wasn't going out to try and sound like anyone.  Just did what
actually came to me, whatever it was.  It sounded like it should and that's what came out.
Cari: Nobody really sounds like us.  I've looked on the internet and checked out all kinds of other "female bands" and nobody
fucking sounds like us.
Emma-O: That's cause we have a punk, metal, hardcore influence.
Cari: The riffs are just different than everybody else's, it's more interesting.
Emma-O: With me, my sound is influenced because I listened to the old punk.  I grew up on that.  I listened to a lot of the
melodic 80's hardcore scene, some of the stuff from the early 90's like L7.
Danyell: I was really into L7 too.
Emma-O: I was also into thrash so I grew up with this heavy kind of influence, but melodic.  I think that comes out in my playing
and writing songs and stuff. I listen to the craziest fucking shit too.  Weird experimental freaky music of strange stuff.
Cari: I listen to everything from folk to death metal.
Jen: I grew up on mostly metal.  A lot of Black Sabbath and stuff like Clutch, Motorhead and a lot heavier stuff .

6/ Would it be fair to say that there's some 'Metal edged Streetcore' thrown in there as well?
Emma-O: Metal?  Yeah.  I definitely have a metal influence in my playing.
Danyell:  After Patty left the band there was definitely more of a metal edge coming in through the writing.
Emma-O: We do a lot of chugga chugga stuff.  The chugga chugga definitely comes from metal.  
Danyell: Dunt dunt dunallunna chugga chugga
Emma-O: Yeah!

7/ As an aggressive sounding Riot Grrrl Band, what sort of crowd do you pull to your gigs?
Danyell: Oh boy, the best of the best.
Emma-O: Everything I've seen has always been these big sweaty mohawked, crazy fucking drunk guys.
Danyell: It's always been different.  There are some shows we play the ages range from underagers to guys in their 60's.  Like
old punks, new punks, younger crusty street punks and stuff.  Anyone into the hardcore scene.  Sweaty bald tattooed guys,
stuff like that.

8/ Although the name is obviously a 'jokey' one, Americans do get a bit uptight about religious matters, have you ever had any
trouble over the Pantychrist moniker?
Jen: Yes and we love it.
Cari: Yeah it's awesome. I like to piss them off, it's great.  Plus Jesus has a sense of humour anyways.
Danyell: I'd really like to piss off those hardcore God Hates Fags people.  
Cari: I'd love to piss them off too.
Danyell:  I want them to protest our show.
Cari: That would be great. And then we could have people holding signs with an arrow pointing at them that say "I'm With
Stupid" or "These People Are Fucking Idiots"
Danyell: Maybe we should go protest at their church and say God Loves Fags
Emma-O: God Is A Fag
All: laughter

9/ If you have or if you do, how do you fend off such petty criticisms?
Danyell: Just like that, laugh it off.
Jen: We thank them for the compliment.
A discussion starts about facebook messages the band received and 2 in particular
1. "Change your name it's very insulting" (very recent )
2. "take your bullshit punk devil worshipping music and shove it up your pretty big asses slutbags" (older)
Danyell: Negative publicity or positive publicity, it doesn't matter, it's all publicity. Negative publicity doesn't affect me anymore
because I've had so much of it, it's like pffft.  If I was gonna fucking kill myself over it I would have done it a long time ago.
Emma-O: That's how I kinda look at it too.  I've dealt with the worst of the worst kinds of people and they didn't kill me so
what's a stupid little fucking comment from some moron who doesn't even know us.  Why do I care.  If you play in a band
there's always gonna be people that are gonna criticize you, or say something bad about you or wanna tear you down.
Danyell: And the more you cry about it the more they're gonna do it so you just can't let them get a response out of you 'cause
they just want to get a response.

10/ You have a debut album, "Break It Down" out now, take this chance to tell us a little about that?
Cari: It's just a little cuntpilation
Danyell: It's not our debut album actually.  That would be Never Love Anything which came out in 2005.  Break It Down is a
compilation of our rare and out of print earlier material plus some newer demo tracks.  We're presently working on a brand
new full length which will be coming out in the new year.  The best stuff is yet to come.  The songs have more melodies and
hooks, they're just really awesome songs.  We've put a lot of work into the new songs.  The new cd is gonna blow people
Emma-O: It sounds fresh.

11/ How can people from outside of Canada and the States get their grubby little mitts on it then?
Danyell: Go to our website there are links to physical copies or digital.

12/ And if someone wants to contact you for more info or with gig offers, how can they do this?
Danyell: or you can message us on twitter or facebook
Emma-O: Sell your soul to Pantychrist

13/ If offered, would you be prepared to travel to the UK or Europe for gigs?
Jen: Absolutely
Emma-O and Cari: Yes
Danyell: I love England.  When I was playing in a band I was in before called Chop Suicide we toured the UK.  We started in
Mexborough and went all over the place.  Blackburn, London, Manchester, Scotland.  We sat on the big stone sign and got our
picture taken.  I would definitely go back to the UK.  It's a totally different vibe over there.  People are really friendly and they
get up on stage and dance with you and take their pants off and walk across the bar with you. We played this pirate club
called the Moorings Pirate Club which was run by this pirate named Flash who drove a really nice car.  I had this cordless mic
and the bar was packed so I walked across the bar and went to the back.  All of a sudden I see these two naked Scottish guys
standing there with long dreadlocks.  So I grabbed the one guys hand, and he grabbed his buddies hand, and I had them up on
the bar with me and I led them across dancing with their schlongs swinging all over the place in people's faces.  I got them to
come up on stage with me and they started dancing and grinding up against my bass player who was a male and didn't
appreciate that very much.  He was pretty pissed off at me.  The only bad part about going to the UK was this girl....  Okay, I've
had people spit beers in my face and stuff but I spit back and forth, you know what I mean?  And you gotta do it from a
distance, you're not supposed to go straight for the eyes.  This girl took a whole pint of Guinness and threw it directly in my
face and my eyes were wide open and it burned.  It burned!!  So I had to pull a Courtney Love.  So I got off the stage and I had a
cooler so I dumped that over her head and punched her in the face.  They ended up kicking her out and her friend stayed to
watch the rest of the show.

14/ Hopefully we'll be seeing you over here sometime. In the meantime, anything you wanna add to finish this Interview off nice
and neat and tidy like?
Emma-O: Thank you
Cari: When we come visit make sure you have some tampons
Danyell: How did your vaginas get together?
Emma-O: Four vaginas walk into a bathroom.  One vagina says 'hey" the other one says...
Note: the rest of the comments degenerated into sounds that are impossible to transcribe