Long out of print and unavailable for over a decade, the first two Pantychrist
releases have been reissued on cd.  Raw, unhinged and... did we say RAW?!!
ShEPeed was the first Pantychrist demo from back in 2004 and
it caused
quite a stir upon it's release.  With some calling it a revelation and others
calling it a revulsion, the 5 songs were just a taste of what the band had to
offer.  Combined with interest in their unpredictable and no holds barred live
show, ShEPeed quickly sold out. 
In 2005 Pantychrist had secured spots on the NXNE and Canada Music Week
festivals.  To capitalize on the growing buzz, the band entered Valley View
Studios in Hamilton and recorded 8 tracks that became the Demo-lition Dirty
cd.  This was distributed exclusively at these showcase events and copies
were only available to attendees and industry personnel.  With a majority of
the songs from both releases being re-recorded for the Never Love Anything
album, both ShEPeed and Demo-lition Dirty were considered redundant.
After the release of the Break It Down compilation in 2011, interest increased
as to the availability of the out of print material.  For the hardcore Pantychrist
fans, the band has decided to reissue the early recordings on one cd.  The
sound is raw and the performances even rawer.  The songs explode with
 energy and attitude and some
contain earlier versions of the lyrics.
There might also be a bonus track or two.  Keeping with the tradition of the
original releases, this album is only available as a physical product. 

band: Pantychrist
title: ShEPeed / Demo-lition Dirty
format: compact disc
released: 2017
label: D.O.R. Records

track listing:
Demo-lition Dirty (2005)
1. Liar
2. Suicide
3. Pink House
4. You Can't Tell Me
5. Rough Me Up
6. Carve My Name Into Your Chest
7. Father's Day
8. More Than I Can Take

ShEPeed (2004)
9. Rock N Roll
10. Carve My Name
11. Freddy's Song
Rough Me Up
13. Fatal Swirly

Other Pantychrist releases available:
Never Love Anything (2005)
Skirting With Disaster (2006)
Break It Down (2011)
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Pantychrist merchandise is available in Hamilton, Ontario
at Crash Landing Music Store 1189 Cannon Street East
"They're shit.  People only like
them because they wear kilts"
-Pantychrist hater

"Take your bullshit punk devil
worshipping music and shove it
up your pretty big asses slutbags"

-Pantychrist hater

"Pantychrist deliver hardcore with
a touch of the early 80s: snarling,
angry-as-fuck vocals and
crushing drums"

-NOW Toronto