In 2004 Pantychrist took part in a documentary film about women in the
Canadian music industry.  The objective was to show the people behind
the music and be an exploration of how the groups everyday lives react
with the dynamics of playing in a band.  Balancing relationships and
family with personal insights, The Girls Of Pantychrist is a candid look
at the four women offstage.
This dvd also contains the return of Pantychrist to the live arena in March
2006.  On a cold night in Hamilton, the band performs an unannounced,
secret word of mouth set at the legendary Corktown Tavern.  This is the
groups first performance after a self imposed hiatus while guitarist
Izabelle gave birth to her first child.  Filmed at ground zero, the show
captures the raw intensity Pantychrist is known for.  With most of the
audience keeping a respectful distance, the action heats up at the front
of the stage as the band plow through songs from their Never Love
Anything cd plus showcase some newer material as well.
band: Pantychrist
title: Skirting With Disaster
format: dvd-r
released: 2006
label: AMP Records

track listing:
1. Pink House
2. Rough Me Up
3. Rock 'N Roll
4. Never Love Anything
5. Suck It Up
6. Say You're Beautiful
7. Fatal Swirly
8. The Cunt Song
9. Clinically Insane
10. Suicide
11. Freddy
12. Not Going Back There
13. Carve My Name Into Your Chest  

Other Pantychrist releases available:
Never Love Anything (2005)
Break It Down (2011)
Special edition dvd features bonus footage, extra audio
only tracks and contains a second disc featuring a full
live show from 2011.  Almost sold out.

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The dvds are only available in NTSC (North American) format
with no regional coding.  Make sure your player is compatible
"Filmed in their homes, in the
streets of Hamilton and at The
Underground and The Corktown,
you get to witness interviews with
all the members of Pantychrist, as
well as their families, random fans
and even foes. Beer swilling,
caterwauling, hanging out or
chilling with the kids, it's all there.
With the raw live footage breaking
up the even rawer interview
segments, the mini movie is a
milestone documenting perhaps
the end of the first phase for the