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The PoDunk Punk Show 09.03.13
Canada is where they come from kids.  Pantychrist out of Hamilton. Ontario, Canada.  Now rumour has it that they
snatch the uteruses out of young girls in the park, smoke 'em in crack pipes, get in estrogen fueled rages and write
their songs.  And if you try to stop 'em, they will rip their own uteruses out and beat you to death with them.  That's just
what I heard.  It's all alleged information. -  

Pantychrist Sneaky Dee's live review
Punk Moms from Hamilton belting out furious two minute odes to cunnilingus and barfighting! Cool! Lead singer Danyell
has the tonsils of a shrieking banshee, in fact I've never heard such a ferocious punk rawk shrieker in my 30 years of
living. Pity her poor kids if they forget to take out the trash... I liked Panty Christ aesthetically, their performance was
energetic and the girls are scruffy and cute - but admittedly, for me, this kind of old school punk wears out its welcome
quickly. Left as a 20 minute set, a PANTYCHRIST show would be an exercise in ear bleeding bliss, but stretched over
40 minutes...ummm, no. Still, fans of this kind of thing will no doubt diggit. -CA  From The

Pantychrist "Never Love Anything"
I just played with my dick for 21 minutes. I didnít even realize I was doing it, but when Never Love Anything was over I
found myself slightly aroused and trembling with fear. I mean, some back alley skank with bruises and chewed nails
could walk in here right now and seduce me with a bloody tampon and Iíd likely go for it. Iíd be puking later, sure, but
for a while there Iíd be caught up in the disgusting thrill of it all. Thatís how this record will leave you feeling. Never Love
Anything is a raw ní bleeding album full of snotty, speedy punk tracks about cunts and spit and fucking, an
acrimoniously filthy ode to everything worth carrying a disease. Now, I usually have a tough time swallowing this kind
of kill for thrills basement racket, but when thereís four brawling bitches at the helm blowing me whorecore kisses, I
tend to fall hard. And with saucy screamer DanYell tap-dancing her wiry frame all over my scarred torso like a female
Iggy with permanent PMS, Iíll pretty much swallow anything. Even a bloody tampon.

Pantychrist "Never Love Anything" 8 out of 10 rating
Iím listening to this CD and I had a goddamn revelation. I now understand anime and the reason why grown fuckin
adults want to dress like GEEK and GLEEK from their favorite cartoons. Donít get me wrong I donít want to be dressing
up like some furbee but Iím starting to understand all of this. In my perfect world PANTYCHRIST would be dressed as
potty mouthed superheroes and would be battling the corrupt bastards that make life hell. PANTYCHRIST would be
running with the downtrodden - the abused the drunks and the drugged fighting for a better, louder tomorrow. Besides
shooting rainbow coloured beer out their asses PANTYCHRIST would fight with an arsenal of profanity, fatal swirlies
and bloody tampons to fuck with unjust assholes everywhere. And they may just do that in real life. PANTYCHRIST had
one of the best record release parties I have ever been to. No admission charge so those that couldnít pay could still
have a good time - pints and pints of spilled beer, blood and public nudity all adds up to a damn good time. ďNever Love
NothingĒ is the bands first official release and the band has traded some of their speed for melody. Donít worry there is
still plenty of gritty hardcore and the wonderful gargle glass, foul mouthed vocals of DanYell. When I listen to this band I
think of Mystic HC, yes mid 80ís HC down and dirty fuckin hardcore.

Pantychrist: Punk
All-girl hamilton punk rock band Pantychrist met in a washroom. "I was out at a gig with Amy (Hell, bass) and we were
in the washroom talking about music or something," says drummer Patty Christ, "when these two young girls (Dan Yell
and Izabelle Steele) jumped out of a stall and started asking questions like 'You play music? What do you play?' And
from the moment Dan Yell opened her mouth I knew it was gonna be awesome."
Pantychrist deliver hardcore with a touch of the early 80s: snarling, angry-as-fuck vocals and crushing drums. They're
described as an all-grrrl Black Flag. Their self-titled demo plays beautifully with all the good old punk rock clichťs,
featuring songs with titles like Suicide and Carve My Name Into Your Chest and lyrics like "Fuck your fucking attitude!"
A mere few months after they met, Dan Yell walked into a practice sporting tattoos of all her bandmates' faces. We
were all like, 'Wow, that's commitment!' Mine actually looks a lot like me."
Another unique thing about the band is that they have five kids between them. Let's change the name to Diaper Christ.
"Amy has three and I have two," says Christ. "My kids know what I do and Amy's kids know what she does, but they
don't brag about it. One of mine is so square, though. She's rebelling against rebellion. It's great."
Other mommies aren't always nice.
"Another kindergarten mom said, 'I saw your picture in the paper,' and I was happy. I thought, 'Oh, I'm famous! I'm
famous!' But then she asked, 'Pantychrist? As a Christian, I find that very offensive.'
"So I said, 'As a human being, I find Christians very offensive. '"  from

The Tijuana Bibles w/ Pantychrist & Battlestar Review
Saturday April 17, 2004 The Underground, Hamilton
In what was a back-to-back showdown of frontwoman, Battlestar's affability was crushed by Pantychrist's onslaught
of hard-driven angry punk. Lead-screamer, Dan Yell, was a blustering fury tearing everyone and everything in her real
or imagined way a new asshole. While being very dramatic convulsing on stage or heaving the microphone against her
body, her theatrics leaned more towards therapeutic than entertaining. It will be interesting to see how Dan Yell
matures as a singer - the current chip on her shoulder does more to weigh her down than it does to empower her - as
otherwise she is quite a interesting figure when combined with the honest bone-crushing of drummer Patty. Until then,
don't fuck with Pantychrist.
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